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Dr. Mark Suyama

Dr. Suyama has committed himself to his practice and to the care and well-being of his patients.

Dr. Mark SuyamaDr. Mark Suyama, General Dentist, has been working in the operating rooms and doing assists at B.C. Children’s Hospital and the Vancouver General Hospital for the past 16 years. There, he has participated in various oral surgeries, including those involving cleft palates. He participates in prosthodontics study clubs. In addition, he provides second opinions for treatments upon request and conducts emergency treatments for tourists, visitors to Vancouver, and professionals.

A dentist reputed for his exceptional skill in dentistry and attentiveness to his patients’ dental needs, Dr. Mark K. Suyama took over the Robson Dental Clinic in 1989, then moved it to Vancouver Centre Mall in 1996, then to its current location as the Vancouver City Centre Dental Clinic in 2016 to provide complete, professional, and thorough dental care. He works cooperatively with his patients to maximize the health, comfort, aesthetics, and longevity of their teeth and gums: proper patient dental care is his priority.

Open from Monday to Friday, the Vancouver Centre Dental Clinic is located in the new Telus Garden building. We have a front door at 711 Richards Street just steps from W. Georgia Street, where Dr. Suyama attracts many urban professionals because they appreciate his work ethic, punctuality, and comprehensive approach to dental care. As a result of the location and Dr. Suyama’s own professional attitude, his clientele have been extremely impressed. He understands that his clients’ schedules are as important as his own and strives to prevent his patients from waiting for their appointments, but he is also always happy to make time and space for new patients!

Dr. Mark Suyama also welcomes emergency cases. He has proven himself to be a diligent dentist in downtown Vancouver; as such, he has attracted patients who need urgent care.

In addition, Dr. Suyama is interested in promoting dental care that has longevity rather than just cosmetic appeal. He is quite willing to give a second opinion to patients who want to be certain that a procedure is right for them. Dr. Suyama is clearly unique compared to other dentists in Vancouver, however, because he does not always advocate the “newest” and “latest” fads in dental care, nor does he advocate unnecessary cosmetic work. He employs a combination of those dental methods that are “tried and true” with newer forms of technology, when appropriate. It is patients’ dental care, well-being, and safety that consistently governs such decisions about methods and treatments.

Moreover, since each patient is unique, Dr. Mark Suyama takes into account differing dental needs. After the first appointment, he assesses what treatments are best suited to his patient, explains various components of dental care, and gives professional advice accordingly.

Make an appointment today and discover why Dr. Suyama is a favoured dentist in downtown Vancouver. You will be impressed by his commitment to satisfying his patients’ dental needs, from those related to comfort, cosmetic alterations, and even prevention, while he maintains high standards in his dental practice.

A father of three children, he extends his sense of integrity, compassion, and concern for his own family to his patients. His main dental philosophy has always been to help you achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

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